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Greetings Bible Class Student,

February 22, 2020

Arizona Bible Class Newsletter - Special Edition

Greetings from your Bible teacher. I have some great news to announce. I have officially launched a Podcast called

The Gospel Comes To Life with Kevin Saunders

This weekly podcast (basically a radio show that you can listen to anytime on your phone, tablet or computer) will allow me the opportunity to reflect and teach about the Gospel readings for the coming weekend liturgies. I will follow the Catholic liturgical calendar each week so that the Podcast listener can access my reflections on each Gospel story. You will learn about how New Testament history, historical geography as well as how Middle Eastern culture and custom shed new light on otherwise familiar Gospel stories with the result that the Gospel can "Come To Life!"
So how does this Podcast thing work anyway? Note first that it is absolutely FREE! It will involve a download of a Podcast App for your phone, tablet or computer. Right now the best App would be Spotify. (Spotify is also free) and other Podcast apps will come online in the weeks to come. Once you have the podcast app you simple use the app search feature to find the Podcast by typing in;

The Gospel Comes to Life with Kevin Saunders

A more direct way to access the same podcast is through what is called an RSS address. Here it is

If you copy and paste that address into your search engine (Google or Safari for instance) you will land on the Podcast and then you can start listening for free.

Or you can try clicking on the BUTTON at the bottom of this newsletter and it should bring you to the Podcast page. In both instances once on the page scroll down to find the podcasts.

Currently there are two episodes available on the site. These two episodes engage to the first two Sundayís in Lent (March 1 and 8). I will be adding more episodes so that you will have a Podcast for every Sunday of the year.

I have also commissioned a student to put together a "cheat sheet" that we will distribute on the back table in class so that you can have precise download directions printed on an actual piece of paper.

Finally, the best news! It is so easy to share the information about how to find and download the Podcast with all of your family and friends. Now everyone you know can have access to the thirty minutes that I dedicate to making the Gospel come to life each week.

The Podcast will also help me expand the Arizona Bible Class beyond the walls of the churches and their halls. I intend to use the Podcast to make myself available as a presenter in various functions from Advent and Lenten Missions to weekend seminars and retreats. The format opens up a lot of doors and for that I am thankful.

So take a moment to secure the Podcast and give it a listen in anticipation of the first Sunday of Lent (Sunday, March 1) and let me know what you think. In the meantime I will keep recording and downloading additional reflections on a weekly basis.

Thatís all for now. Until I see you (or you hear me) again donít ever forget what a great student you are!

Kevin Saunders
The Arizona Bible Class

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