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Kevin's Biography

Kevin Saunders is a married father of five children ranging in age from 26 to 36 years. He has been married to his wife Diane for 38 years and has worked in Christian ministry in Catholic and other interdenominational venues for that same amount of time. Kevin is a proud grandparent of five beautiful grandchildren.

Kevin came to Arizona in 2000 to assist Logos Bible Teaching Ministry at the request of Dr. Creasy who recruited him from his position as the Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry in the Baker Diocese of Eastern Oregon. Dr. Creasy and Kevin had then known each other for 15 years and at one time were both involved in a parish Renew group at St.

Paul the Apostle church in West Los Angeles. It is from this same Catholic Church in Westwood that Logos Ministry was born.

Kevin now operates Arizona Bible Class and brings his wealth of academic and ministry experience to each class he teaches. Kevin holds a bachelors degree in Religious Study from the University of Arizona. He also has completed Masters Degree in Theology and New Testament Study from the University Of Notre Dame. He was admitted and has studied the New Testament as a doctoral candidate in New Testament Studies program at the Catholic University of America.

In addition to these formal degrees and doctoral degree program experience Kevin was also able to enhance his study of the Bible in the Holy Land. While he lived in the Old City of Jerusalem Kevin was able to follow graduate courses at the Ecole Biblique, a world renowned Biblical School operated by the French Dominicans. He also followed Bible and Biblical language courses and at the Institute of Holy Land Studies. During this year long stint in Jerusalem Kevin found employment as the Chaplain for the Christian students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem at these fine academic institutions that Kevin became familiar with the cultural world of Jesus and learned to apply those cultural insights in his Bible teaching. These text enriching "cultural clues" enhance his teaching as the Bible "between the lines" comes alive in his classes. His students find these same cultural clues one of the many reasons that they keep returning to class each week.

In his professional ministry career Kevin has served a number of Catholic parishes across the country. He has been gainfully employed as a Youth Minister, a Director of Religious Education, and as a Director of Adult Education in these various parish communities. He also served the Baker Diocese of Eastern Oregon as the Diocesan Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry. In addition to these positions he was (remains) a frequent presenter at national gatherings of Christian educators, including a seven year stint as a presenter at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, an annual gathering which draws over 20,000 Catholic religious education professionals to the Anaheim convention center each spring. Kevin served the Baker Diocese as their representative on the National Advisory Council to the Catholic Bishops of the United States.

Life outside of Bible class will often find Kevin and friends indulging in his new favorite pastime, golf. In addition to golf Kevin has become an avid cyclist in his other spare time.

Always a popular retreat and seminar director Kevin can be contacted through this website. You can access his current seminar schedule, also on this website.

Can always be contacted at Kdsaunders2@gmail.com

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